UPDATED MONDAY, JUNE 29: The Museum remains temporarily closed and programming has been cancelled until further notice. We are hard at work preparing for your safe return. If you have any questions, you can reach us by e-mail at info@199promo.com

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Many of you have asked about when we will be re-opening。 We remain temporarily closed and are hard at work preparing for your safe return with staff training, physical distancing measures, and other health and safety features。 We want to be absolutely sure that we're ready for you when we do re-open, and we'll let you know as soon as we can。 

Although we're temporarily closed until further notice, there are still lots of ways you can stay engaged with the Museum from your home. Below you’ll find some helpful resources to make the most out of these long days, including funding resources for artists, art activities for parents and children, lectures, virtual tours, and bingeable content. We'll be updating this page frequently, so check back often!

Want to help us out while we’re closed? Please consider sharing our social media posts (, , ) and this webpage, leave us a or review, or take three minutes to do our  so we know how best to serve you when we re-open! In the meantime, we hope the resources below will help you enjoy the #MuseumFromHome. 

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for the Museum. Stay healthy!

Virtual Tours

Take a look around the Museum using your phone or computer! 

Dean Carson
We're taking you upstairs to look at our solo exhibition by Windsor, Ontario-based artist Dean Carson.
Watch on , , or . 
Read about the exhibition here

100 Years of Nursing Education in London
Go on a guided tour of our Nursing exhibition with our Curator of Regional History, Amber Lloydlangston. This exhibition celebrates Western University's 100 years of nursing education and London's almost 140 years as a centre of nursing education. 
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Read about the exhibition here

Museum Stories: James Kirkpatrick
Take a look at our first “Museum Stories” video about London artist and musician James Kirkpatrick. Tour through his studio, learn about his process, see the art on his walls, and check out his surfboard collection! Watch on , , or . 

Museum Stories: Ron Benner
Enjoy our new video about local artist Ron Benner and his fifteen-year-old garden installation at the Museum, As the Crow Flies. As we get later into the season, you'll find tomatoes, squash, corn, jalapeños, and amaranth all growing among the flowers, fish, frogs, and toads populating the pond with the water lilies and other water plants. Watch on , , or .

View our Art Collection Online

Our art collection is more than 5,000 works strong, many of which you can view in our online collection by clicking here

Online Programming

Museum Puzzles

We're sharing works from our collection as online jigsaw puzzles! They're great for a quick break or to get your brain going in the morning. Click HERE for all our puzzles.

Art and History @ Home

This new series of programming is focused on art, history, and relaxation activities for all ages! For children's programming, see below for our Imagination Station @ Home series.

Art and History @ Home: Owls公益福彩app With the return of warmer weather we are looking at the art of Kenojuak Ashevak and her cheery “Sun Owl With Foliage”. Listen to Ashevak talk about her art, learn how Inuit stone cut prints are made, and watch a soothing time lapse video of a never-setting arctic sun. 

Art and History @ Home: Flowers  We're feeling floral this week and our activities include a calming flower memory game, films about tulips and Georgia O'Keefe, our #BetweenArtandQuarantine social media challenge, and more! 

Art and History @ Home: Birds and Words This week we are inspired by spring, and in particular the happy warble of birds you can hear through the window. We have a painting of birds, free tutorials, plus art and bird-inspired ways to calm down with.

Imagination Station @ Home

公益福彩appWhile we're temporarily closed, we've created a new series of children's programming so families can continue doing arts an crafts with us!

Imagination Station @ Home: Owls It’s getting warm this week so we thought we’d look at a sunny owl from the arctic made by Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak. She is one of Canada’s most beloved artists and is especially known for her drawings of owls.

公益福彩appImagination Station @ Home: Spring Flowers This week we are inspired by the arrival of spring and the big, bright flowers opening all over London. Click HERE for fun and flowery children's activities and a reading of the story “My Name is Georgia” by Jeanette Winter about the artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Imagination Station @ Home: Sudsy Soap This week we are inspired by our exhibition about Nurses: 100 Years of Nursing Education in London.  From hand-washing songs to bubble blowing we explore the fun side of playing with soap.  While we are all at home keeping safe and healthy, nurses and health care workers around the world are going to work every day to help people during the pandemic. We are all so grateful! Click HERE

Imagination Station @ Home: Birds  This week is all about birds! Take a break, try birdwatching, draw birds, and make bird crafts! Click HERE

Imagination Station @ Home: Florence Nightingale This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing! Learn about her history  (via National Geographic Kids) and then do this fun crossword  to apply what you've just learned. Florence's contributions shaped our healthcare system today and London's own nursing history that is on display in our exhibition 100 Years of Nursing Education in London

Imagination Station @ Home: Easter Get ideas from these arts-inspired eggs  (via My Modern Met). Colour or create your own Zendoodle egg with  (via WorkingMom.com) and try this  online (via Jigsaw Planet).

Interactive Resources

Discover London Art: Digital Stories
Watch three short videos about London artists and their art: trailblazing London female artists, Paul Peel, and Greg Curnoe. After each video, you can test your knowledge with an online quiz, view an online exhibition, learn about the elements and principles discussed, and create your own artwork. 

This interactive map plots out works from our permanent collection onto the location depicted in each work. It's a great way to see the breadth of the Museum's collection on a local, national, and international scale. 

Originally created to accompany a previous exhibition, this project gives you greater access to our permanent collection with beautiful images of the artwork alongside in-depth artist biographies.

Online Lectures

“Ephemera” refers to documents and artifacts, often produced in great numbers—menus, advertisements, brochures, product premiums, greeting cards, handbills—that were not intended to be permanent. Join Professor Jonathan Vance to learn more about the ephemera that was produced in Canada during the two world wars, what we can learn from it, and how it can be preserved.

Frederick Banting’s name is synonymous with the cure for diabetes, but rarely is it associated with art-making。 During the summer of 1920, Banting was in desperate need of a distraction, and a renewed interest in painting freed him from the worries of his personal and professional life。 Curator Grant Maltman’s talk From Test Tubes to Paint Tubes traces the integral role art played in Banting’s life, from his period in London, Ontario (1920-21) until his death in Newfoundland (1941)。 Brought to you by the Seniors Community Grant Program。

Meet the legends of London’s preservation movement with former Museum London Curator of Regional History, Mike Baker。 London’s museums started in the barns, basements, and attics of some very dedicated collectors。 Who were they and where are their collections today? Brought to you by the Seniors Community Grant Program。

Resources and Fun Links

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